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Do Our Pets Feel The Stress Of The Holidays?

Special occasions and holidays tend to be extremely stressful for all of us . . . and, believe it or not, can affect our pets as well. During the holidays there are so many new things such as candles, plants, decorations, wreaths, presents, people, food, noise, music and more. All the hustle and bustle stresses us out tremendously and our pets have a way of sensing our stress, which puts a strain on them as well.

Our pets have to endure a constant stream of company throughout the season. Many pets love all this joy and adoration while others feel more anxious, such as cats and shy dogs. Their eating habits could change. They may feel too nervous to eat their regular meals or with all the special foods available for the holidays, may be apt to find and/or sneak treats they should not have. Guests in the home might give them treats and with the extra foods their system is not used to, the pets could get sick with vomit and diarrhea.

We spend much time preparing for the holidays, shopping, cooking and decorating without much time spent for our pets. The lack of exercise suddenly puts a strain on your dog and his normal activity level. Your pets are also not used to all the strange objects going up in your home, the décor, tree, wreath, plants, candles and more unfamiliar accessories, deserving of his/her curiosity . . . things that can be hazardous to our pets, without proper planning.

Situations of constant stress and emotions trying to get everything done can reflect on the pet as well. Speaking from experience, we seem to “flair up” verbally when things are just not working out right and even though not directed at our pets, it does affect them and their feelings.

If only holidays did not have to be so traumatic for us as well as our pets. We can make a conscientious effort to get things running more smoothly. The best thing you can do for your pets is to keep as close to the regular routine as possible. Keep the usual feeding times and amounts, be careful of any unwarranted treats, inform guests not to give anything to your pets for health reasons, maintain the usual exercise pattern you have always done and keep life as normal as possible.

During a house full of guests, allow a retreat space and/or room for your pet to escape to in search of peace and quiet. Even though your pets may love all the special attention from the crowd in your home, they also appreciate some solitude as well.

Above all, be knowledgeable about the dangers lurking during the holiday season and keep things out of reach. Holidays should be happy and enjoyable for all and sometimes takes a little effort on all concerned to make it the best for the whole family.

Basic Tips For Good Website Design

Your website is the virtual equivalent of your business or store. It is where potential customers come to see if they are going to do business with you. The design of your website can either help make them comfortable with you or it can drive them away to your competition. There are a few very simple and important methods to designing your website so your potential customers will feel confident to do their business with you.

1] The first impression a new visitor has of your site is critical. Do not make the mistake of filling this essential initial view with a fancy but uninformative gateway page. It should not be a further door that has to be opened. Simply your business name and a further link to click in order to get to the information about your business is more likely to have them look elsewhere instead. Make sure the visitor’s first visit offers them an idea of what you are about.

2] Regardless of whether your site is basically an affiliate portal or not, avoid excessive use of banner ads. Most users easily ignore these billboards along the Information Highway. They give a sense that you have nothing of real substance to offer them but the same thing a thousand other sites might have. It is best to offer real information, either a product review or an article about the products or services you offer. You can then couple this useful information with a banner if it is appropriate for leading to the place where they would purchase the item.

3] Make sure you have an easy to navigate format for your website. The ability to quickly find just what they are looking for will add to your potential sales. Avoid heavy flash-oriented menus. Not only can they detract from the quick discovery of your website contents, they will slow down the load-time for your site and provide an opportunity for the visitor to just move on to something less bulky and time-consuming.

4] Provide a way for the visitor to know where they are at within the body of your website. This can be done through clearly marked color-coding on the page or a header notice proclaiming the area of current interest. By putting up some sort of “You Are Here” sign, the visitor can more quickly know they can browse this particular section for what they are seeking. Make sure they do not have to wander around all over your site looking for their interest.

5] However tempting is can be to add an audio advertisement to your site, such practices tend to be more of an annoyance than a sales aid. The majority of people surfing for information will either be running silent for preference or playing a style of music that appeals to them. A sales pitch overriding their preferred music will automatically leave them with a negative idea of your site. The new user will be more likely to click the “Back” button than reach to turn down their speakers. If you must have audio, make sure there is a highly visible way for the sound to be muted or turned down.

A Review Of The Energy Metal Dance Pad

As a hardcore Dance Dance Revolution fan, I thought it was time to get away from slipping around on my various plastic pads and dish out some money for a metal one. I looked high and low on the web for a good quality pad. My criteria: a heavy pad that would stick to carpet or wood floors, and recessed buttons for an arcade feel.

Before buying this pad, I read around about some of the major brands including the Cobalt Flux pad and the RedOctane Afterburner. Both had great reviews! They were top quality and had recessed buttons just like I was looking for, but The Cobalt Flux pad was built with an extra plate separating the buttons that many people had reported stubbing their toes on. Since I play barefoot, I ruled it out immediately. The RedOctane After Burner, on the other hand looked sleek, but was not compatible with XBOX 360.

One problem with the plastic pads that come with the Dance Dance Revolution games is that most, if not all of them are for one gaming system. I live in a house with two DDR fans and around 5 gaming systems. You can only guess how many pads we have laying around! The Energy Metal Dance Pad comes with one of two control boxes. The one I bought is for PSX,PS2, XBOX, and PC/Mac via USB. The other, which is around $20, is for PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii/Game Cube. Having this option allowed me to get rid of all my many plastic pads that were junking up my cabinet drawers. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders!

Something else that constantly worries a college student is their budget. The listing price of the Energy pad on www.dancedancerevolution.com was $360 if you didn’t order the balance bar or any games with it. This is acceptable for a good quality pad and was of equal or lesser value than other top brands, but I suggest, if you are looking to buy a metal pad, to check ebay. Mine was under $200 brand new.

I have been dancing on this pad for a few months now and never have I missed a step due to faulty wiring. If there is one negative thing I would say about the pad, it would be about the arrows. The plastic arrow buttons bow up in the middle just the slightest bit. I noticed it right away because I was comparing it to the arcade machines. This factor has never been an issue while playing and I don’t even notice it now. It is just one of the differences between the arcade and home versions.

Now for the good part. The construction of this pad makes it ideal for the barefoot dancer. Of the nine panels, there are four arrow buttons, an “A” and “B” button, and three solid panels (middle and two back corners) to stand on. There are also no extra plates or screws to stub your toes on. The recessed arrows make the pad feel like you are playing on the arcade Dance Dance machine, and the weight of the pad holds the whole thing in place while you dance. This, of course, means acing those expert or maniac level songs with ease!

A Fun Fashion Website: Polyvore.com

Warning! If you have even the slightest interest in women’s fashion, this website may be addictive.

There is a website that may change the way you shop for clothes. Polyvore.com, is a website which allows you to create your own outfits online…and much, much more.

First, I’ll describe the outfit creation feature. Once you log on, you are given the option of creating a “set” from a multitude of tops, dresses, shoes, pants, coats, handbags…everything you would need. Let’s say you’re in a mood to put together an outfit for your high school reuinion…and you want to wear a dress. You peruse the dress section, find the perfect one from hundreds of choices and drag it to a virtual clipboard on the other side of the screen. Then you move on to the “shoes” tab, find the perfect match for your dress and drag that item to your clipboard. Continue until you have the bag, accessories and jewelry to finish your outfit. Then, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even choose a background to display your creation against.

By itself, this option is enough for hours of fun. Unlike “real” shopping, I’m not limited by money, or the time it takes to travel from one store to another. And even better, my inner fashion stylist is not hindered by the extra ten pounds I’m carrying or the thought that the color I’ve selected isn’t flattering. In this virtual world, I can be as creative as I want to be, and I can create outfits for a life completely different from my own: sailing in the Mediterrenean, hiking in the Rockies, or going to the latest celebrity hot spot.

However, there’s more. After you have completed your “set”, you can buy it! Just click on each item, and the website, price and item description appear. You can even get details about an item just by highlighting it.

Other things you can do with your set include exporting it to Facebook, or sending it to your friends.

Looking for inspiration? Polyvore’s Explore option shows you what other users have been up to. You can peruse the Most Recent or Most Popular categories, and can even see which shoes are getting a lot of attention.

Finally, Polyvore allows users to create groups of like minded fashion divas. You can join, or create your own, and share your sets with the other members. Groups can be divided into interests (“high heels”, “think pink”) philosophy (“we are trendsetters”) or function (“sets we wear to school”).

The selection on Polyvore is so vast and diverse that it is a fashion education in and of itself. Major designers such as Chanel are included, as well as up and coming designers. In addition, mass retailers of all price points are included. You can design an entire outfit around the sweater from Abercrombie and Fitch you got for Christmas—it’ll be there, and you can pair it with flats from Chanel, pants from Stella McCartney and a purse from Delia’s.

Job Search Tips for 50 Year Olds

Big deal! How about searching for work at age 65? I had just retired from a long-time career, and should have been all comfy with a good pension and Social Security. So, why did I have to drag my old bones out to search for a job?Good reason. My girlchild had just started as a freshman at an expensive Ivy League university, and her combined tuition and living expenses were to be at least $35,000 per for the next four years. She was … and is … a responsible person, so she managed to get a $5,000 a year scholarship and a part-time job at a boutique food shop near the university.

However, that still required dear old dad to shell out $25,000 a year.

When I retired, and after not attending my insincere retirement ceremony, my spouse and I were on our way the next day from the cold, cold East to the hot, hot desert Southwest. We found an apartment and began looking around for work. My spouse, a medical pro, quickly found a part-time job that brought in some bucks, but not nearly enough to finance our daughter’s Ivy League needs. It was up to dear old dad to do get back into the job market.So, if you were an employer and a 65-year-old guy came in looking for work, would you hire him? Forget about all the anti-age discrimination laws. Chances would seem to be somewhere between “are you kidding” and “no way.” So, here’s what I did. My career, both in civilian and Navy years, had been in advertising, public relations and sales promotion.

When we moved West, I took a quality scrapbook of my work with me. In addition to my writing record, I also made sure to include samples of publications photography and art I had created along the way.

I went on a couple of interviews, looking primarily for freelance jobs. These visits were mildly successful, and I picked up some assignments. But for the first six months of my retirement, I averaged about $50 a week. It wasn’t nearly enough, considering I was spending too much of my time pitching for work, and traveling to and from jobs.

I decided to go for a full-time job. The first interview I managed to get was with a large city community center, and luckily for me the organization’s PR director had just been abruptly kicked out. Talk about timing and dumb luck! The job was tailor made for me, and when I flashed my portfolio samples, the center’s president said, “When can you start?”

I know I caught my future boss at just the right moment when he was desperate to get someone to take over the PR and ad work load that was piling up, but I like to take some credit for my presentation, attitude and self-confidence. To any other older person seeking a new job, my advice is to prove to the interviewer and potential boss that you still have all the skills and capabilities the job requires. In fact, you can point out that statistics show most older workers are considerably more reliable and have more solid work ethics than younger ones.

Incidentally, I worked at that job for five years, then retired again and volunteered at the community center for another five years. I didn’t have to wander out to pasture until I was 75. Not incidentally, that daughter, whose Ivy League education caused me to re-enter the work force, is now a writer-producer for one of TV’s most popular programs.


2 Biggest Reasons Why Business Owners Must Use VPN Service!!!

The majority of the large corporations are making the use of VPN service because it is protecting the connection from several data breaches. If you are running a business website, then it is your responsibility to make the use of a VPN service that will keep data safe and secure from several issues. If you want to protect the system from malware and viruses, then it would be better to use a VPN service. Nothing is better than a VPN that is creating a particular layer of security.

With the help of a VPN, you will able to keep the financial transactions, email, and browsing activity private. Therefore, a user should opt for the best VPN service that will able to offer reliable security protocols to you.  A lot of companies are providing additional security features like botnet blocking and malware protection. Here are two reasons why business owners should use a VPN.

  • Protect the data of Employees

There are so many latest Torguard coupon codes are available that is offering the discount on the VPN service. If you don’t want to compromise essential data of the employees, then you should always use a VPN service. The majority of the business owners are already searching for the scalable and flexible solutions like software VPN that is continually offering so many benefits. One will able to protect the data of the company from dangerous hackers.

  • Safe browsing

Make sure that you are configuring the VPN on the router properly because it is already offering the additional layer of security on the connection. If you want to gain the appreciation and trust of the clients, then VPN would be a reliable option for you.

Additionally, if you want to secure your business from hackers, then VPN can be reliable for you.