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There are two extremes when it comes to women and handbags. Some women want a handbag that matches every out fit. Then there are the women who carry the same handbag until it becomes torn and frayed and must be replaced. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. I have hand bags for dates and generally change my every day bag by seasons.

When you are going to replace your handbag go online and look up the latest handbag style and colors. You may not care but having some basic guidelines means you may be able to pick something that is practical and fashionable. If a certain style that is in fashion does not fit your hand bag needs then pick one in the season’s most fashionable colors.

It is not that difficult a task as you can find handbags of different brands and models galore, especially in the current times when fashion sense is at its peak to cater to the 21st century needs and women have evolved from being timid, docile housewives into hard working women in reputed companies who rule both house and office with an iron hand, They are very particular about handbags and so get ready for a luxurytastic review on handbags.

Look in your old purse and remove the things that you would not normally be keeping in your purse. You know the broken lip stick tube, wadded up tissue, and the half chewed pack of gum. You will want to see how much space you need for your make up bag, wallet, and sunglasses.

You do not want to automatically junk the new hand bag but understand you will probably accumulate the same amount of stuff in your new handbag as you did your old. I have tried to reform myself by buying a smaller bag than I needed. I just ended up being frustrated and having to shove things in my blazer pocket. Special occasion hand bags size wise are another matter. I only take my identification and debit card on dates so my date bag can be very girlish and petite.

My summers are spent poolside so my summer every day bag tends to be a tote. I don’t bother with an additional handbag. Yes, it looks old ladyfish but it keeps me from having to pack a pool bag every day. If you are not concerned about making a fashion statement at work totes can be good everyday bags, you can put your lunch and your book to read on the train all in one place.

When you are at the store try fitting your basics into the bags you are looking at. I do not mean shove your left over sandwich from lunch into the new bag, but just make sure your basics fit. If you order online check the return policy of the store you purchased your hand bag from. You should be able to return it should it not met your needs.

Lastly, if you really have a handbag fetish; I would definitely suggest second hand boutiques or thrift stores for hand bags. Many have a ’boutique” section where you could get a designer bag you would not normally be able to afford. Even the selection at your local Goodwill has many of those formal bags that most people have only used a few times.

When selecting a good every day bag going with brown or black is a safe bet. If you want the bag to stand out pick one’s that have unique texture. Shopping second hand for hand bags will leave you enough for a matching wallet. Below is a link to the ultimate used hand bags. Vintage bags will not save you money, but they are fun to look at.