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Social networking applications are useful tools for college students. They are powerful resources for college students, which enables them to communicate and interact with one another. Social networking tools can be utilized to encourage students to participate in different components of education. There are several ways social networking applications can benefit all college students. While there are a myriad of sites available to students that enable social networking, there are particular sites that cater to students of different degree levels.

Social networking applications do not discriminate nor segregate with regards to race, age and interests. However, certain websites cater to particular segments of the population; hence students will utilize those that they deem beneficial. In regards to social networking applications as a tool used in education, the sites are generally categorized. The categories are established primarily for students to conveniently find what they are looking for. While purchasing the followers, there should be check over the delivery options. Buy Instagam Followers with instant delivery with free delivery charges. The information communicated to the person should be correct and beneficial for increasing the number of followers at h profile. 

The Writing Studio application

Social networking applications can be utilized to assist students in their writing skills. One application that students may utilize is the Writing Studio at a university that opens a Facebook page to provide students with resources to assist them in improving their writing skills. While the Writing Studio is available to all students of all degree levels, those students whom are pursuing bachelors and masters degrees will find this most useful. The Writing Studio also incorporates and builds communities among the frequent student users of the writing studio. Students can connect with other college students that need to improve in their writing and help on another. Social networking applications can assist college students in making improvements as a student. Due to the fact that writing assignments are a large portion of many college courses, the Writing Studio is a valuable resource.

College Facebook Page

A university Facebook pages provide a great way for university faculty and students to communicate with each other. A Facebook page could be utilized to convey messages between students and the instructor. Participants (students and faculty) can add announcements to the page. Facebook adds a human element to interacting with students online. It’s also a great outlet for online students to utilize as it enables them to communicate and share ideas and information among one another.


Blogs, in general, provide a means for students to communicate, express themselves and think critically with other students giving them the ability to obtain different perspectives on various topics. Students engage in relevant conversation through the use of blogs. Participants can share thoughts and ideas that can benefit and enlighten other classmates. In an online college environment, students have a limited amount of interaction. Blogs and social networking applications such as Facebook and Blogger enable online students to communicate with one another more frequently. Although online students are not physically on campus, they can discuss issues on a blog or other social networking sites that have blog enabled features. Blogs assist students in expanding a student’s knowledge on a more informal level.

As mentioned above, one particular well known site that students can participate in is This site enables students to post, comments and converse on topics that are relevant to their education/course work. Student’s participation in a site such as not only provides students with a way to share, communicate ideas and information but it also can motivate students to take a more active role in their course.

Social networking applications add a sense of community that is an important element of student retention and ultimately student success. Through the social networking applications, the students are able to feel that they are part of a community and a larger organization (Business Wire, 2005). This paper alludes to a sample of valuable resources that are available for students to utilize. Students at different degree levels may find that certain social networking applications cater to their particular needs. Student’s time in class is limited; however social networking applications make it possible for active student engagement outside of the class. It also enables students to become more active learners and participants in their courses. Many online students may feel more detached from the instructor and college. Fortunately, due to the resources provided by social networking websites such as Facebook and Blogger students can benefit in ways that were not available a few years ago.