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If you have decided to paint your home, deciding whether you will go for paint rollers or spray painting is important and there are different painting companies with amazing products making the selection process even more confusing. Most homeowners seek out labor-saving and shortcut methods that will cut down on costs and the time taken to complete the job. Though you may be confused at all the positives and negatives both paint rollers and spray painting equipment come with, making the right decision is possible only after proper consideration.

Paint rollers are a good idea and a lot of professionals are known to use them. It makes good sense when you want to do brush interior painting of a large area, as is most often the case when doing up a home. Paint rollers don’t work so well in case you are painting an uneven structure such as stucco or a brick wall but for painting walls and ceilings they are excellent. Using a good paintbrush along with a paint roller is a good idea. You can first use the paintbrush to paint and then roll the roller over the painted area. This will give the area a nice, even look with no blotches.

When you are out shopping for paint rollers, there will be a wide array to choose from. Look at the “knap” thickness when you are buying a paint roller. Depending on the surface to be painted, they range from one-eighth of an inch to one inch. If you will be painting smooth surfaces such as plywood soffits under the roof cornice of your home or doors, going for a thin knap cover roller is a good idea. On the other hand, if you will be painting rough textures such as brick, cedar, and Masonite, going for a thick-knap roller is a good idea. Though standard rollers come with a width of 9 inches, nowadays special rollers of 2-3 inches width are also available for use for brush interior painting of narrow areas.

On the other hand, power spray painting also has its advantages. It can spread paint fast and the paint job will be done a lot quicker than when you use a paintbrush and roller. Power spray painting lets you connect your spray paint equipment with your electricity plug point and start painting. All you have to do is switch on the power, target the nozzle of the power spray painting equipment on the surface you want to paint and you are ready. A lot of novices who are doing up their homes for the first time prefer the power spray painting method because of the ease of use it offers and the minimal mess that is left for cleaning up. Also, this way of painting is suitable for both smooth surfaces such as walls and doors and rough surfaces such as bricks and masonite.