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In order for an HR department to be successful in this day and time they must be involved. The representatives should be a common face amongst all the departments. Especially when a company has a third shift, and that shift feels that they have become lost in the shuffle. I have often heard them refer to themselves as mushrooms, because mushrooms are lost in the dark. If an HR department wants to succeed then the HR representative must be available to everyone, including third sift consistently. This opens the door for a smooth transition and implementation of changes that take place in our work force today.

There are those companies that believe the answer is outsourcing .The only thing that I think hurts a company when they outsource HR is that they lose that personal contact with the employees. Some problems need intimate understanding and mutual respect. An open door policy is great, but you need to feel invited and know where to go! The information about the hr software modules will hit success for the business organizations. The interest of the employees and managers will be complied through the services of the software.

I feel all the following legislations have their own importance and make an impact on all industries. Having an understanding of these is a key to being successful in the business world today. Character goes along way and how a company conducts business in these areas can make or break a company.

The Civil Rights Acts: Understanding what civil rights mean and that it does not limit our resources, but rather opens doors to many other resources never considered.

The Equal Pay Act: Every person has something to contribute and should be given the same opportunity no matter who they are. Thus the same pay should be offered for the same work preformed.

Discrimination: This infests so many industries in so many ways! You must have an understanding that people, from all walks of life, have learned many things through their life experiences. They should be given the chance to show the difference they can make in the work force, without any added pressure, solely because of who they are.

The Americans with Disabilities: Who decides what is normal! For example, deaf people can’t hear, that does not mean that they are stupid. We should accommodate without judgment and then learn from those that we are making those accommodations.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: Children are the future leaders of our countries. Everything that needs to be done to ensure that they can be provided for should be done. Weather you believe in having kids or not.

Affirmative Action: Must be understood and implemented correctly to make a difference!

OSHA: Work places should be safe at all times, and then more focus can be placed on productivity rather than a person’s safety!

HR professionals have been given the responsibility to ensure that these laws are followed for everyone. It is the employee’s responsibility to understand those laws for themselves so that they may do their part. Then together, with management, they can strive for success.